Can i do a RUSH Order and is there a fee for this?

When you send your order, just put an email that you need the order to be delivered rush. A sales team member will take care of your order immediately. Generally orders for events/wedding with next 2-6weeks are automatically tread as urgent and on priority. We dispatch most of the orders in 4 to 14 days

As for the charges, we generally try not to charge anything extra for RUSH orders, but if you need very committed and 100% guaranteed deliveries, than it is best to pay RUSH order fee and take a tight and exact delivery schedule. Rush order fee may vary with card code, quantity and can range anywhere between 75US$ to 200US$. RUSH order dispatch time can vary between 1 to 4 days.

In case we fail on the dispatch schedule of a RUSH order, only RUSH fee will be refunded.